This E.P. is not jumping on the fast-femi-trance-hard-tech-scandi trend, but reflects two mature classic Copenhagen DJ space-cadets,  joining forces on the E.P .: WONKY SPLIT – pump the bass, trip on the floor – get ready for a retro-futuristic detour, where Kim & Bryn  revisit ancient dance floors; “Hospicon” comes complete with classic Frankie Knuckles-style baseline and angelic choirs over  shimmering 808 hats. Kims more playfull EBM/IDMísh “Killer synth” – a homage to the kitchy Yamaha FM axe, evoking flashbacks of 80s radio – with a  contemporary beat. Kims percussive metallic but funky dub roller “Bombinate” is riddled with 808 rimshots and jacks and twists, before a flanged baseline and a iconic theme appears. Brynssparse 909 workout “Opson” is driven by a monolithic bas, but turns melodic with nice arpeggiator shimmers, an ambient drop and strings reminding me of symphonic New Order .The WONKY SPLIT e.p. is a nice dj tool for the more adventurous morning sessions, but works fine in a sofa rave home listening situation or as a workout soundtrack. Check them out live…they are skilled party peak pilots.

Release Date World Wide – 11/11 – 2019



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Photos by Flemming Bo Jensen