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Amateurs: Porn showing non professionals.
Amputees/Acrotomophilia: Porn involving amputees.
Apotemnophilia: Arousal by self-amputation.
Applebumming: Mac Worshippers inserting a mouse into the rectum.
Asphyxia: Inducing sexual climax through strangulation.
Auto-Erotica: Self stimulation
Auto/erotica: Porn typically involving women in cars.
Auxiliary intercourse: Sexual climax achieved by moving the erect
penis back and forth in the armpit. Also known as bagpiping.
Balloons: fetish involving blowing up or popping inflatable objects.
Barebacking: unprotected intercourse with AIDS-positive partner.
Barely Legal: Porn about teenagers who have just turned the legal age of
consent for sex.
BDSM: Bondage and Discipline / Sadism and Masochism.
Bears: Porn with big hairy men.
Bestiality: Porn showing humans having sex with animals.
Big Butts: Porn about large butts.
Bikers/Biker chicks: Fetish about motorcycle gangs.
Bikini: Images of girls in small bathing suits.
Bondage: Arousal through restraining others or being restrained.
Brown: Sexual practices with feces.
Porn in which dozens of men ejaculate onto a woman’s
BDSM: Bondage and Discipline / Sadism and Masochism.
Bears: Porn with big hairy men.
Bestiality: Porn showing humans having sex with animals.
Bikers/Biker chicks: Fetish about motorcycle gangs.
Bikini: Images of girls in small bathing suits.
Bondage: Arousal through restraining others or being

Brown: Sexual practices with feces.
Bukkake: Porn in which dozens of men ejaculate onto awoman’s face.
Californicate: To copulate shamelessly in any andevery position.
Catwalk: To be aroused looking at fashion shows, mostly a elderly
gay/female thing.
Canon: the art of seduction using a big camera as a trojan horse. The pics will never be published.
Capnolagnia: Arousal from watching others smoke.
Catheterophilia: Arousal from watching a catheter
being inserted in urethra.
Cheer leaders: Porn about cheer leaders.
Chili Dog: Act of defecating on a woman’s chest and
masturbating between her breasts.
Cock rings: A ring placed on penis to delay ejaculation
Cockstuffing: Inserting thin cylindrical items into urethra. Sometimes
associated with docking.
Coeds: Porn about college girls.
Conga Line: a group sex activity in which men are connected through anal sex.
CP: Corporal Punishment. Includes spanking, paddling and whipping.
Crating: S&M practice in which a master packs his slave in a crate and
sends him to friends by post.
Cross dressing: Dressing in the style of another gender.
Crush: Porn about women stepping on food, insects or toys.
Cyberflashing: flashing of genetials via webcams or phones
Daisychain: A group sex activity in which women are connected through oral sex.
Dermagraphism: A fetish for skin abrasions made by pinching, biting and sucking.
Dildoes: Non vibrating sex toys designed to emulate a penis.
Disney/Toons: Disney or other commercial cartoon characters depicted
engaging in sexual activities.
Dirty Sanchez: Giving sexual partner a “moustache” by transferring
their feces from anus to under the nose.
Dirty Socks: Arousal associated with dirty socks (often associated with smell).
Dog in a bathtub: Act of inserting testicles into partner’s anus, so
called for being as tricky as its namesake.
Drag Kings: Flamboyant female cross dressers.
Drag Queens: Flamboyant male cross dressers.
DS: Arousal associated with Dominance and Submission.
Emetophilia: Arousal from vomit or vomiting.
Enemas: Sexual play involving enemas.
Ero-Manga: Erotic comic strips from Japan.
Erotic Anime: Erotic animated cartoons from Japan.
Facials: Porn about ejaculating on a woman’s face.
Fashism: A sexual practice involving endless flirting dressed up in
designer clothes, not resulting in actual sex due to frustration and
sometimes magnified by cocaine abuse.
Feet: Porn about feet.
Fisting: A sexual practice including inserting the hand into the
vagina or the anus.
Flashers: Subcategory of exhibitionists. Typically men who briefly
expose their genitals in public places.
Flooding the cave: Urinating into a partner’s vagina.
Forced Feminization: A sexual practice where a a man is forced to
dress as a woman. Typically a service provided by a dominatrix to a
Furries: Arousal through Dressing up in an animal costume (separate
from Pony Play).
Gerbiling: A fictional sexual practice where a gerbil is wrapped in
gaffer tape and inserted into the rectum. Desperatewiggling said to
cause powerful sensations. An urban myth.
Giantess: Fetish involving imaginary giant women.
Golden Showers: Arousal involving urination.
Harpaxophilia: Arousal from being robbed.
Highschool girls: Porn involving highschool girls.
Hot lunch: defecating into a partner’s mouth.
Housewives: Fetish for housewives.
Hum job: Oral sex given to a man while humming a tune.
Interracial: Porn involving interracial sex (mostly a fetish in the
white community, about white women having sex with black men).
Key Party: A sexual play involving
K/S: Erotic material featuring the original the Star Trek main
characters Kirk and Spoke having sex with each other.
Latex: Fetish for this particular material.
Latinas: Porn about South American women.
Leather: Fetish for this particular material.
Legorave: the art of reenacting childhood scenarios while masturbating with costume Lego creations.
Legs: Porn about women’s legs or stockings.
Lingerie: Porn with lingerie.
Logolesbo: lesbians masturbating to certain brands, “all that Hummel gear turns me on”.
Lolita: Porn involving fantasies about sex with under-aged girls.
Loose Socks: Porn about Japanese schoolgirls with loose socks.
Mixture: act involving multiple drugs: ketamin plus MDMA plus poppers
plus acid makes one horny numb tantra wreck…oxygen please.
Mud: Sexual play about being covered the body in mud.
Mud Wrestling: A professional practice typically involving nude women
wrestling in mud.
Nikon: fake photographer pretending to shoot tearsheets to seduce model
NIP: Nude in Public.
Nude Celebrities: Porn typically involving fake manipulated images of
Orgies: group sex.
Panties: Fetish for woman’s underwear.
Paraphilias: Sexual disorder for fetishes (nonhuman objects).
Petite: Porn involving women with small breasts.
Pony Play: Sexual practice involving people being treated as horses.
Power Exchange: Arousal associated with Dominance and
Plumkin: oral skidning
Plushies: Sexual play involving stuffed animal toys.
Prego Porn: Porn with pregnant women.
Queefing: farting from the vagina.
Rape Porn: Porn involving imaginary images of forced sex.
Rockstar: outdated druggy men getting blowjobs by ugly teens, preferably blonde
Russian Rape: Popular sub category of rape porn.
Scat.: short for scatological (Sexual practices with feces).
Seawolf: nazi-themed strangulation in a sub
Senior: Porn involving senior citizens.
Sex Dolls: Life size sex toy models used for masturbation. Typically inflatable.
Shoes: Fetish typically for high heeled womens shoes.
Snowballing: Sexual play in which one partner drools semen into the
mouth of another.
Snowwhite: covering your partner´s naked body in cocaine
Stylist ballet: the art of sucking a party dry for coke
Sploshing: Sexual play involving covering the body with food (especially
associated with England, often involving baked beans and molasses).
Super-Heros: Sex play involving dressing up as super-Heroes.
Taphephilia: arousal from being buried alive.
Teabagging: repeatedly dipping the scrotum into a partner’s mouth.
Torture: Sexual play involving pain as an enhancer of arousal.
Uniforms: Fetish for uniforms such as secretaries,
doctors, nurses, maids, air hostesses, nuns, military, police, fire fighters…
Upskirt: Sub category of voyeurism typically involving hidden cameras
capturing images of women’s underwear from a low
angle. Often associated with Japan.
Vintage: Porn from earlier eras.
Vominatrix: A dominatrix who specializes in vomiting on her clients.
Watersports: golden showers.
Wet and Messy: A sexual play involving people being in water, mud or
food, often fully dressed.
Wife Swapping: trading domestic partner for that of another couple for
the night.
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This text was first published in MANDATORY magazine.