The danish underground is a cornucopia of mature talent – a lot of the old and mid-school originators still release music made for the creators own specs, at his/her´s own pace, independent from marked trends and media hype – it´s music born out of love for the process of creation, not for the charts or any defined genres specs – or specific area or era. File under experimental.It´s the sound of electronic veterans enjoying  personal strains of sound.

RATIO 72 has all the characteristics of such a self-absorbed artist – an true to the anti-genre – it´s an anonymous release – in the fine tradition of the Residents and Underground Resistance – no ego bullshit here, let the music talk.

RATIO 72 has worked under the alias since 2016, but sounds like a veteran who knows his ambient AFX, classic IDM (forget EDM) and combine that with more retro modern modular workouts and brain dance beats – twisting knobs all night in a dystopian bobble, recording live and spontaneous – organic post-ambient.

It´s the perfect bittersweet soundtrack for a spicy yet chill seance in the north of Sealand. Listen here:

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